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The Environment and De La Espada

Tyler Hardie

Consumption always affects our environment in some way, and no building processes or materials are without their faults. De La Espada adopts a holistic approach to furniture manufacture, maximising the benefits and minimising the environmental impact. Our superior materials are low impact and high performance. Our expert craft ensures physical durability and timeless aesthetics ensure enduring desirability.

Low Impact Materials
Wood is a natural resource that requires very little energy for conversion into planks, and which safely and naturally decomposes at the end of its life. De La Espada uses timber sourced from sustainable forests in the United States and Europe. Sustainable, managed forests protect trees by making land commercially viable, and by continuing the cycle of life through regular replanting of logged trees.

Long Product Life
The methodical monitoring, pruning, replanting and general care of the trees on managed forests ensure the highest quality timber. Furniture intelligently made with high quality timber is kinder to the environment as the strength of the planks can lend very long life to the furniture, diminishing the need for disposal and replacement.

The Role of Solid Wood
Solid wood gives furniture an infinitely renewable surface. Years down the line, the piece can always be professionally refinished as no matter how deep you go, you will always hit another layer of beautiful solid wood. Exceptionally strong wood-to-wood connections such as mortise and tenon joints provide superior deep unbreakable bonds for furniture with astounding structural stability.

The Importance of Aesthetics
A consumer will only embrace a product if it satisfies their ever-changing tastes, surroundings and attitudes. Our products have an enduring emotional connection provided by the authenticy of the designer's creative vision and the mark of a craftsman. Each product is designed and crafted to last, to become a member of th family. Timeless desirability increases a product's inherent durability.

The end of a product's life must always be considered. Solid wood products can be broken down and returned to the earth by composting. There are also plenty of responsible options for recycling solid wood products by breaking them down for use in applications such as tabletop accessories, animal bedding product, wood fuel and so on.